William “Bill” Fuller, MA, lifelong musician/sound engineer/ songwriter, has composed over 100 original songs. A self-taught musician, Bill plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, keyboards, synthesizer, bass, and drums.

Fuller Sound Studio

Bill owns a fully equipped recording studio called Fuller Sound Studio. He is amazed at the new technology for recording and playing music live: looping, harmonizing, multi-channel recording, mastering, editing, and mixing.

Bill has a background as an electronic engineer working in the Silicon Valley, and can appreciate the evolution of electronics for music composition and performance.

A True Artist
Bill’s current songs are: heartfelt love song, inspirational songs of spirit, songs of the planet, universal songs with the message “we are one”.

He has a passion for creating music videos as art. He is able to fulfill that passion for music videos with his work with Move With Balance®.

In 2014 Bill Fuller attended a Move With Balance® class, an award-winning movement class for senior citizens to help improve their balance and brain functioning. He was amazed how joyfully the seniors responded to the movement exercises. He could see many changes and benefits for the seniors in just one class.

In college, Bill worked with a Nobel Prize Winner in auditory research. He is familiar with the research on music and Alzheimer’s. In 2015, Bill joined Karen Peterson, the creator of Move With Balance®, to create Move With Balance® with Music for Alzheimer’s/Dementia. The program is amazingly successful, and a special Alzheimer’s curriculum and music are available on Besides two trademark songs for Move With Balance® and 5 other original songs, he has updated and adapted the lyrics of oldies to match the movement activities.