Now I am in Ecuador and you can imagine the change and adaptations. We have been to Hogar Cristro Rey, an assisted living facility in Cuenca, actually located in an historic old building with beautiful courtyards.

It’s like being outside in a courtyard—light and beautiful, and a little cold. Notice the coats. I played music, and Karen did some of the simple movements for the elders.

We go once a month to Hogar Cristo Rey. The challenge is to adapt the program to their abilities and needs and to work with the translator. The music is so universal that this helps pull it all together.


We have moved to Cuenca, Ecuador. There are many wonderful and different things to experience here. First is the weather. Cooler than we expected but then it is winter here. 60 to 70 degrees F every day. When the sun is not blocked by clouds it warms up very quickly. The elevation is +8,000 feet. The air is fresh and clean except in the city where bus fumes are quite evident. We walk, take busses and ride taxis everywhere we want to go. Since were senior citizens we get half price on the bus. We both ride for $.25 one way.

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